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March 17, 2011

Electric Scooter With Regenerative Braking System :: SIST Projects 2011

The project entitled “ELECTRIC SCOOTER WITH REGENERATIVE BRAKING SYSTEM”  is developed by Aswathy Chandran C.A, Binosh Mohan, Neena GK,    Parvathy. V and Vaishak Murali of S8 EEE under the guidance of Mr. Renjith A, Lecturer of EEE department and this project is done at CIRT, Karunagapally.

This project is describing about the working of a scooter which runs with a BLDC Motor instead of a gasoline engine. Not only that apart from normal electric scooter this project has various new features.

Motor driving unit of this motor is newly developed circuits which have more life period and efficiency than the older circuit. The older circuit consist of more number of MOSFETS to avoid excess heat and not only that it needs minimum of 48V for the operation but our system will run from 12V to 48V. As the voltage increases, speed of the motor also increases.

Normal Electric vehicle uses mechanical braking system but our system uses Regenerative braking System. In Regenerative Braking System, motor turns to generator and charge is developed. This developed charge is applied across the load and grounded so that the efficiency of brake will always remains in high.

Another key feature of our system is Regenerative Charging. In this part while the free running time, the motor act as a generator and a charge is developed. This charge is stored in the battery sothat efficiency of battery also increases.
Additional features of this project include Digital display which displays Load level, Speed and Voltage.

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